Agile Testing

Agile Testing

Main responsibilities of the Agile Tester

It is very important to carry out tests on IT products. It is the only way to prevent bugs from being discovered by end users, with image and financial damage

  • guarantee quality standards (QA) within the team in order to release a bug-free and usable product
  • the responsibility to approach the product from the point of view of the end users (usability)
  • make sure that the User Stories contain Acceptace Criteria that favor both technical and functional development
  • having a Business Facing Test approach for developing User Stories to be testable (where possible)
  • Determine appropriate metrics in Test processes (Test Plan / Use Case / Test Case)
  • Development Exploratory Test and Disaster Scenarios to fully test the functionality of the products

The Quadrants of the Agile Tester

These are the Quadrants of the Agile tester: a mapping of the areas of competence of an Agile Tester . We believe that it is not easy to find a figure that can fully cover all the areas because we move from a systemic figure, to a developer, to a designer. Surely our work experience makes me very confident in Q2 and Q3

Bacause we believe in Agile

Scenarios are defined during planning (or grooming)

Development of tests (UAT / TC or Trace Bullet of an automatic test)

At the end of the sprint the developed tests must pass

The User Stories are “put in done”: presentation to the stakeholders

Automatic Test

QA - Quality Assurance

Agile Testing

Internal Procedures

Test Plan

Use Case

Test Case

Black Box

White Box

Selenium Frameworks

Selenium IDE

Selenium Webserver

Email Python T


Funtional Test

Usability Test


Functional QA

User’s Quality Experience

Bug Free Flow

Disaster Scenario

Use Case Diagram

Activity Diagram

Sequence Diagram


Optimized Content

Performing Code Preocedures

Product  Marketing

Tutoring and Guides

Tech Content

Product Content

Tech internal Procedures

Products Procedures

Definition of Standards

Definition of Best Pratices

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