ADV Manager

ADV Manager

ADV Manager & Social Media Strategist

Reach the perfect customer who has always searched for the product you offer.

With targeted campaigns (mainly on social networks) it is possible to make a concrete analysis of each segment of the target that best suits your needs. We are very grateful to a great job of analysis, testing, and the wise use of “personas”.


Low costs, great results!

4 good reasons to Advertise with Us

Strong Analysis

Never start an ADV campain without a strong analysis of the target and the product 

Right to the target

Why waste money and show your ADV to people who are not interested?

On Budget

Thanks to Digithech LTD you can plan your campaign budget in advance with a rough idea of how many people you will reach

Real-time statistics

We check in real time how the ADV campaign is going, so we can make adjustments (and improvements) in the race, with the only goal of conversions at the lowest possible cost

Let's work together

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