Our story

About us

The Founder

After an experience of 18 years as a Programmer, Agile Tester and Project Manager in one of the largest web & IT companies of the country, assisted also by a passion for photography and flights with dornes, Stefano Trojani founded Digitech LTD

Our mission

Digitech developes media and web based applications.
The idea is to integrate the media (such as video/photo) and the online solutions (virtual tour, social media promotions…)
That’s why the company offers an all-in-one solution: photos, company videos, drone videos AND the creation of the website (or a special CMS is required) plus the social media strategist.

Our vision

Customer delight, Agile process, incremental deliveries by iterations, product testing at the end of each cycle … these are some of the concepts we believe in.

Let’s work together

Ask us for a quote: we can find the right solution for your digital business